Your experience of our service is important to us. If at any time you feel dissatisfied with the treatment or care you have received you have a right to raise a concern. In the first instance, if you feel able to do so, please raise your concern with a member of staff at the time and they will do their best to put it right immediately.

If you wish to make a complaint

You can contact the Concerns Team: 01443 744915.
Email: [email protected]

If you need assistance with raising a Concern

You may wish to seek support with raising a concern by contacting the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS). This service provides on the spot advice and information if you have queries or difficulties. PALS Officers act as a point of contact for all those wishing to get advice and information about services and listens to your concerns and helps you find ways of resolving them. The officers can be contacted by telephoning Prince Charles Hospital: 01685 724468 (08.30 – 16.30 Monday to Friday), Royal Glamorgan Hospital: 01443 443039 (08.30 – 16.30 Monday to Friday), Princess of Wales Hospital: 01656 754194 (08.30 – 17.00 Monday to Friday). E mail [email protected]

Please include the following information in your email:

  • your full name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • the name and address of the patient (if you are emailing on behalf of someone else)
  • and where necessary, the next of kin

Please note: This is not an emergency service. The Putting Things Right team operates within the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday and will respond to your email within one working day.

You may also raise a concern by writing to the Chief Executive. The contact details are:

Paul Mears
Chief Executive
Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board
Ynysmeurig House
Navigation Park
CF45 4SN

Information about the concerns process

Normally a concern should be made no later than 12 months from the date of the incident that caused the problem, or within 12 months of the date of discovering the problem, provided this is within 3 years of the incident. Please download an information leaflet which is available in the following versions:

When you contact us with a concern, you will receive an acknowledgement in writing within 2 working days of receipt of your concern. At this time you may also be asked to give your consent for your personal information to be accessed so that your concern can be investigated. If you are complaining on behalf of another person, we will require their consent for you to act of their behalf. Please download a copy of the consent form.

The Health Board is committed to providing comprehensive answers to concerns that are raised and we aim to do this within 30 working days. However, sometimes investigations can take longer than this and if we are unable to respond in this time, or if further investigation is required, we will let you know.

Some cases might need further investigation under the Redress Arrangements. Redress is a range of actions that can be taken to resolve a concern where the organisation might have been at fault in causing some harm. It can include a written apology and explanation of what happened, an offer of treatment / rehabilitation to help relieve the problem and / or financial compensation.

If Redress may apply to your concern, we will let you know what this means in more detail.

Putting things right. Dealing with concerns about the NHS

Patient advice and liaison service leaflet

Concerns policy and procedures

Concerns about Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists and Optometrists

Your local doctors (GPs), dentists, community pharmacists and optometrists (family health practitioners) have their own concerns procedures. Please contact the staff in the practice concerned who will be able to give you details of how to raise a concern.

However, if you would prefer not to raise a concern directly with the practitioner or if your family health practitioner has not been able to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, you can also contact the Health Board at the contact details above.

Welsh Language

You are free to make a complaint in Welsh and it will not be treated less favourably than a complaint made in English

If you would like to make a complaint about one or more of the Welsh language standards, please follow the above procedure. Please name the standard(s) you are complaining about.

Here is a link to our Welsh language standards compliance notice.

Additional Help To Raise Your Concern

If you need help to raise a concern, Cwm Taf Morgannwg Community Health Council (CHC) can help you do this. The CHC is an independent body and can provide information, advice and support to members of the public who may wish to raise a concern.

The CHC can support you to raise a concern and give advice on the most appropriate course of action. You can contact your local CHC at the following address:

Complaints Advocates
Cwm Taf Morgannwg Community Health Council
Ty Antur
Parc Navigation
CF45 4SN
01443 403590
e-mail: [email protected]

To access the CHC website go to (opens in new window)

If your concern has been looked at by us and you are still not happy with our response, you can contact the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.
Tel: 0845 6010987
Email: [email protected]
1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
CF35 5LJ