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Health Board Cycle of Business

Our Health Board should, on an annual basis, receive a Cycle of Business which identifies the reports which will be regularly presented for consideration. The annual Cycle is one of the key components in ensuring that our Health Board is effectively carrying out its role.

The Cycle of Business (covering the period 01 January, 2021 to 31 March, 2022) can be found here. The Cycle of Business has been developed to help plan the management of Board matters and facilitate the management of agendas and committee business.


Board Papers

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TypeDocumentsDate ModifiedSize

0 HB Agenda 27-2-20 21/02/2020 1:53 pm93.4k

0 HB Agenda 27-2-20 Cymraeg 21/02/2020 1:53 pm94.1k

2-1 SWP Board Paper 27 February 2020 21/02/2020 2:02 pm755.7k

2-2 COVID 19 Update Report UHB 27 February 2020 21/02/2020 1:53 pm350k

2-2-1 CMO Letter HB Responsibilities Assessment and Testing UHB 27 February 2020 21/02/2020 1:53 pm361.3k