What we do

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a course combining exercise with education and advice on lung health and is designed to help you to manage the symptoms of your condition, including breathlessness, management of phlegm and management of fatigue.

It will:

  • help you manage your symptoms more effectively and feel more in control of your breathlessness
  • help to improve your muscle strength and general fitness enabling your muscles to work more efficiently, meaning you are able to do more

Who is it for?

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a programme of exercise and education for people with long-term lung conditions such as COPD, bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis.

Your age and the severity of your condition will not stop you from taking part in PR, or from seeing an improvement. Completing a course of PR is a good way to learn how to exercise at the right level for you.

PR leads to improvements in your quality of life, helping you feel less breathless doing day-to-day activities, such as dressing, walking up stairs, shopping etc

Can anyone use this service?

Referral required by practice nurse, GP or chest clinic consultant or nurse. NOT SELF REFERRAL

Opening Times

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday mornings


What to expect

Exercises include:

  • Walking, cycling on a static bike, step-ups, standing from a chair and arm exercises.

Education topics include:

  • Understanding the respiratory system and lung disease processes
  • Understanding the benefits of exercise
  • Learning breathlessness and sputum clearance techiques
  • Understanding and managing stress and anxiety
  • Practical inhaler technique session
  • Pharmacist discusses medications

Contact us

For Merthyr and Upper Cynon Valley:
Elaine Sutherland (elaine.sutherland@wales.nhs.uk)
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service
Physiotherapy Department
Prince Charles Hospital
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 9DT
For Rhondda, Taff Ely and Lower Cynon Valley:
Sharon Newman (sharon.newman@wales.nhs.uk)
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service
Physiotherapy Department
Dewi Sant Hospital
Albert Road
CF37 1AB

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