What we do

Point of Care Testing (POCT) refers to the analysis of patients’ samples outside the laboratory setting.

POCT is usually performed by non-pathology health care professionals using devices ranging from a simple ‘dip-stick’ to highly sophisticated analytical instrumentation.

Our aim is to provide advice and support and ensure that point of care testing offers the same levels of quality as the conventional laboratory service.

Who is it for?

POCT is performed close to the patient, the results are available more quickly than for samples sent to the laboratory. This has benefits for medical care delivery to critically ill patients.

POCT is also used in day-case, outpatient clinics and GP practices to improve efficiencies and reduce patient waiting.

Can anyone use this service?

Our services cannot be accessed directly by patients.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

What to expect

The POCT team will help deliver a safe service that produces quality patient results.

The service will provide the following support:

• Clinical and management lead support
• Troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment
• Addressing poor performance
• Developing new protocols and/or introducing new tests
• Regular audit and feedback of the service

Contact us

For general enquiries telephone: 01685 728459

Service manager:
Mark Henry
[email protected]

Clinical advice:
Dr David Cassidy (Consultant Chemical Pathologist)
[email protected]
Secretary telephone: 01685 727266