What we do

Our maternity services can offer all four options for women to give birth. These are:

  • At Home- where you will be supported by our expert team of community midwives.
  • In the Tirion Free-Standing Midwifery-led Unit (FMU) in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Here you will be able to labour and give birth in a homely environment and experience a water birth with midwives as the lead professionals. There will be no doctors present at the FMU, so in the unlikely event of any complications you would need to be transferred by ambulance to a doctor-led unit. For more information about this, please visit https://cwmtaf.wales/changes-to-maternity-services/
  • The new Alongside Midwifery-Led Unit (AMU), known as Tair Afon Birth Centre, in Prince Charles Hospital. This also offers a homely environment with access to two birthing pools. Midwives will be the lead professionals for this service. There will be no doctors in this unit but it is located alongside the doctor-led unit so if you have any complications you can be easily transferred across if necessary.
  • Consultant-Led Obstetric Unit (OU) in Prince Charles Hospital. Care will be provided by midwives as well as doctors in our new state-of-the-art delivery unit which has newly furbished rooms and a birthing pool. The neonatal unit has also been expanded in Prince Charles Hospital should your baby need special care following birth.
  • In the consultant-led obstetric unit at Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend where care is delivered by doctors and midwives.

Who is it for?

Our Maternity service provides care to women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth. We provide care to women, and their babies during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period .

Can anyone use this service?

Women can self refer to maternity services by contacting their local GP surgery who will notify the Community midwife. Women can also contact the labour ward or Birth centre if they need support out of hours or are not registered with a local GP.

Opening Times

Labour ward and birth centres are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Community midwifery care is 9:00am to 5:00pm each day with a team of midwives on call for Home birth.

What to expect

The aim of Maternity care is to make sure that you and your baby are doing well and to spot any problems before they become serious.

Most of your care will take place at the midwives’ clinic, at your GP’s surgery, or at home. Some women may be cared for at hospital with a specialist doctor called an obstetrician who looks after pregnant women.

Most pregnant women have between seven and 10 antenatal appointments, sometimes more if they need extra care and support. If you are working, you’re entitled to time off work to attend antenatal appointments.

Contact details

Tirion Birth Centre
Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Princess of Wales Hospital
01656 7527525

Labour ward
Prince Charles Hospital
01685 721721 ext 8890

Please let us know about your experince of our maternity care by completing our quick survey: https://bit.ly/ctMaternitySurvey

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