What we do

Our GP Out-of-Hours service is available when your own GP surgery is closed.

The service is for urgent care only – not for routine medical matters, when you would normally be seen by your own GP.

If you feel unwell when your GP surgery is closed and feel you need to see a GP urgently, you should phone your GP Surgery where you will be re-directed to the GP Out-of-Hours service.

If the patient has a potentially life threatening illness, for example, chest pain, difficulty in breathing or severe bleeding please dial 999 immediately.

Who is it for?

The service is for patients registered with a GP practice in the Cwm Taf area.

The service is also available for:

• Patients who are temporarily resident or visiting the area
• Non-registered patients who reside within the area

Can anyone use this service?

All appointments for the GP Out-of-Hours service must be booked over the telephone.

General practice is facing increased winter demand.
There are things you can do without having to make an appointment at the surgery.
Think about:

  • Self care
  • Use NHS Direct
  • Or seek help from your pharmacist, or your optician if you have eye problems

Here GP Nicola Lewis gives advice on where to seek help for common conditions.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 6:30pm to 8:00am and 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays

What to expect

When you contact the Out-of-Hours service your call will be answered by a call handler who will record your personal details and reason for calling.

A doctor will call you back to undertake a telephone assessment of your condition to help determine what medical care you need, this may include:

• Attending a GP Out-of-Hours centre
• Home visit if clinically indicated
• Advice regarding self care
• Attending a Pharmacy or Optometrist
• Making an appointment with your own GP

If your call is an emergency you will be transferred directly to the ambulance service.

Contact us

All appointments for the GP Out-of-Hours service must be booked over the telephone.

Telephone Number: 111

For additional help during the out-of-hours period:

Pharmacists: Local Pharmacists can provide expert advice on common ailments such as coughs, colds and flu.

Optometrists: Local Optometrists can provide expert advice on eye problems and the best way to treat them, and you don’t always need an appointment.

NHS Direct Wales: You can ring this service for nurse advice if you are feeling ill and unsure what to do, or for information on conditions such as diabetes and allergies. NHS Direct Wales can also help you find your nearest doctor, pharmacist or dentist.

Telephone 0845 4647 or visit www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk

Find your local GP Surgery on the Health in Wales website