What we do

Cellular pathology is the study of disease processes in the cells which make up tissues of the body.

The cellular pathology service receives tissue (for example biopsies) and body fluid samples from patients. These are processed onto microscope slides in the laboratory and then issued to a pathologist for examination.

The pathologist examines the sample carefully under a microscope to arrive at a diagnosis. The diagnosis will inform the patients clinical care team of the condition or disease affecting the patient so that the correct treatment can be given.

Who is it for?

Cellular pathology works as part of a multidiscliplinary team to ensure accurate and high quality diagnostic reports.

Reports are issued to the general practitioner or hospital consultant in charge of the patient’s care.

Can anyone use this service?

Cellular pathology samples must be collected and referred to the laboratory by an appropriate and competent clinical requestor.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday

8:30am – 5:00pm


What to expect

The cellular pathology department releases reports to the patient’s hospital consultant or general practioner who will then arrange the patients care pathway in liaison with the clinical care team.

This will be discussed with the patient at their next GP or hospital appointment.