What we do

We offer patients with a heart condition the opportunity to have a 1:1 assessment of their physical health with a physiotherapist.

At your assessment advice and education is offered and an exercise programme can be prescribed.

This is designed to help you gain an understanding of and manage your condition, improve your health and return to your previous level of function – or better.

Who is it for?

Patients who have had a recent:
Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
Stent insertion
Heart surgery

Can anyone use this service?

Any patient who has been referred to cardiac rehabilitation will have the opportunity to have a 1:1 assessment with a physiotherapist

What to expect

  1. Education and advice around your condition in relation to safe exercise levels and types of activity to resume
  2. An assessment of your current fitness levels with a simple walking test
  3. A range of physical options will be discussed
  4. The opportunity to partake in a hospital-based exercise class
  5. Provide guidance on exercise schemes and activities in your local area

Contact us

Phone Our Physiotherapy Hub on

01685 715012

Useful links

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