What we do

We have our Alongside Midwifery Unit (Tair Afon) at Prince Charles Hospital and a Freestanding Midwifery Unit (Tirion) at Royal Glamorgan Hospital, which offer midwifery led care in a calm relaxed environment.

We are keen to support women in their choices, including water births.

Who is it for?

We provide one to one care to women who have a low chance of needing additional support during labour and in the immediate postnatal period.

Our birth centres are suitable for women in established labour who are generally fit and well and have had an uneventful pregnancy.

A variety of analgesia is available on our AMUs apart from epidural analgesia.

Can anyone use this service?

Pregnant women.

Opening Times

This service is open 24/7

What to expect

You can expect one to one midwifery care in a calm, homely and relaxed setting.

You will receive care in line with the ‘All Wales normal labour pathway’. The midwife will assess both your and your baby’s general health and well being on admission.

This will be done by asking questions about your pregnancy, how you are feeling, asking about your baby’s movements, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, assessing your progress in labour, taking your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.

If you are in the very early stages of labour you will be advised to return home.

Contact us

Tirion Birth Centre: 01443 443443 extension 43524

Tair Afon Birth Centre: 01685 728880

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