What we do

We provide a high quality service for adults who have blood disorders or conditions requiring anticoagulant treatment.

We assess people to provide a diagnosis and then monitor and adjust medication of patients who are on oral Anticoagulant drugs (blood thinners).

We also provide monitoring and advice for people on sub-cutaneous treatments to help thin the blood.

Who is it for?

This adult service is available for a diverse range of people, including patients who need their warfarin therapy and other blood thinning medication checked appropriately.

We also provide treatment and advice for sub-cutaneous treatments.

Can anyone use this service?

People are seen following a referral to the Haematology Consultant by a GP or Specialist.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

What to expect

On arrival you should book in at the Haematology reception.

You will then be seen by a nurse who will usually take blood samples. This could either be venous (from the vein) or from a finger prick depending on your condition.

If you are starting on warfarin you will be shown an information DVD lasting approximately seven minutes. Following this you will see either a nurse or doctor for consultation who will complete a checklist of important information you will need to know.

You will then be advised on what medication to take and given a follow up appointment.

Contact us

Dr Bashi’s secretary 01685 728518
Dr Dewan’s secretary 01685 728395
Nurses 01685 728392
Anticoagulation Clerk 01685 728572 or 01685 728277