What we do

Provide a single point of access through The Referral Pathway Team for GP,s, Social Workers, Other Professionals for people over 65 experiencing mental health problems or under 65 if they have memory issues.

Provide a comprehensive initial assessment to people with lived experience referred to our services. The initial assessment will be held at either our Hospital, Out Patients Department or at their home.

Who is it for?

The service is aimed for those adults over 65 experiencing mental health issues or under 65 if they have memory issues.

Can anyone use this service?

People who require this service can be referred by GPs, Social Workers, Other Professionals. – People referred to our Assessment Team will have a mild/moderate mental health issues, either cognitive/functional in nature or severe.

Opening Times

Monday -Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

What to expect

A qualified nurse will complete a Comprehensive initial assessment of the patient, either at our Hospital Out Patients Department or at the patients home.

Following the assessment there are several different “pathways” open for the patient to go down to ensure all their needs are met.

A referral for a CT head scan and ECG might be requested if there are memory issue present, and a follow up appointment will be booked to see Consultant for diagnosis and future management.

Other options may be to refer to other professional’s i.e. Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Services, Secondary Care or to our Primary Assessment Team.

Consultant may be requested to assess patient who have functional problems with regards to prescribing medication.

We will monitor the persons mental health, or monitor efficacy of any new medication that may have been Prescribed by our Consultants

We will support carers/families and try and alleviate any stigma they might hold regarding their loved ones Mental health diagnosis. We will endeavour to educate them about the illness and offer coping strategies to them to enable them to manage

Contact us

Referral Pathway Team
Older Peoples Wellbeing Clinic,
2nd floor Princess of Wales Hospital
CF31 1RQ
Tel 01656 752752

Primary Assessment Team
71 Quarella Road
CF31 1JS
Tel 01656763097