Dear Resident

Following the successful transfer to the Health Board of arrangements for clinical waste collections from residents’ homes in the RCTCBC area in December 2017, we have made a change to how you make requests for collections to further improve the service we provide.

This involves a change to the contact telephone number that you need to use when making a request for a collection.

You now need to ring 0300 123 9208 to arrange your waste collection.

Since December 2017 your collections have been made by Health Courier Services (HCS), who are part of NHS Wales, on behalf of the Health Board. Previously your collection request calls have been taken by Health Board staff and collection requests then passed to HCS.

This change is being made to allow you to make collection requests and collection queries directly to HCS on the above number. The HCS Call Centre will take calls Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 4.00pm (excluding bank holidays).

There are no other changes to the service you will receive. The waste segregation requirements previously advised to you will still apply as described below.

Thank you for your cooperation in making this improvement to our service.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Burnett
Waste and Transport Manager

Patient Home Clinical Waste Collections
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