What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

To meet the case definition for testing for COVID-19, you must display any of the

• Fever (37.8c or higher)
• A new or continuous cough
• Loss of sense of taste or smell


As a critical worker how do I request a test?

If you are a critical worker suffering from any of the symptoms of COVID-19 you can request a test at a drive-through test centre or a staff testing unit (STU).

CTM UHB operates a drive-through site at Abercynon, as well as four additional STUs across the area.
To book a test contact our designated booking line on 01656 752993 or book online. 

Alternatively, you can request a home test kit online. These tests are delivered to your home via Amazon home delivery.

Cwm Taf Morgawnnwg UHB staff should always be tested via the Health Board’s testing centres. This is also important for care home staff as it is not possible to link staff home test results with individual care homes.


Which groups of people are considered ‘critical workers’?

A list of those eligible for priority testing as key workers can be found here.


Which areas of the region are covered by the CTM testing units?

All critical workers who live in Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil and Bridgend can request testing at a CTM site.


I am a critical worker and a member of my household is unwell with COVID symptoms. How can they access a test?

Anyone who is a symptomatic household member of a key worker can request a test at our drive-through testing centre. This includes symptomatic children of any age who live with a critical worker. Call 01656 752993 to book an appointment.


How soon after developing symptoms should I apply for a test?

You should apply for a test within the first 3 days of experiencing symptoms. The test is best taken within 5 days of symptoms starting.


As a critical worker would it be quicker for me to order a test online or request a test one of CTM’s testing sites?

In almost all cases, critical workers will receive both a test and their results more quickly via a testing centre. Additional capacity is held back just for key workers to ensure that they can have urgent testing.

Test swabs collected at our testing sites are processed locally while home test kits are processed over the border in England, which can often mean waiting longer for results.


How do all other members of the public request a test?

Everyone in Wales, including children, is entitled to request a Coronavirus test if they are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19. Individuals can go online or phone the free number 119 to request a self-test kit to be carried out in the home. People with hearing or speech difficulties can call 18001 119. You can ask for a test kit for yourself or anyone else you live with who is symptomatic.

Symptomatic members of the public can also request a test at a mass drive through testing centre (Abercynon for the CTM area) by submitting an online request.


What does a COVID-19 test involve?

Tests taken at the mass drive-through testing centres and mobile testing units involve a single dry swab taken from the back of the throat.

Home testing kits involve a combined throat and nose swab. Clear instructions are provided on how to conduct the test, both within the test kit and on the Welsh Government website here.


How and when will I get my results?

If you are tested via one of the testing centres, you should receive your test results within 3/4 days by text message. The text message will also sign post you to Public Health Wales for further support and information.


What should I do once I receive my result?

You must not return to work before receiving your test result.

POSITIVE RESULT | A positive result means that you had Coronavirus when the test was done. You and anyone you live with must keep self-isolating. See here for information on how long you must continue to self-isolate.

NEGATIVE RESULT| A negative result means you did not have Coronavirus when the test was done. You can stop self-isolating if you feel well and as long as everyone you live with who has COVID symptoms also tests negative. You must stay at home if someone else tests positive or has symptoms and is waiting for a test result.


I have tested positive for COVID. Can I have another test before I return to work?

You should not request a second test unless there is an identified and agreed need to do so.


There is lots of news coverage about the Government’s new Test, Trace, Protect strategy. How will it work?

Test, Trace, Protect will mean asking people to report symptoms, testing anyone in the community who is showing symptoms of COVID-19, and tracing those they havecome into close contact with. For more information see our Test, Trace, Protect FAQs