Cabinet Secretary for Health, Vaughan Gething, visited Cwm Taf University Health Board today to view the Bonding After Birth Initiative (BABI).

Cwm Taf is the first health board in Wales to introduce the innovative BABI iPad carts to its neonatal units.

The system uses iPads to help mums bond with their newborns. Previously, mums who were separated from their babies and unable to visit the neonatal unit would rely on a family member to tell them how their baby was progressing.

Dr Al-Muzaffar, consultant neonatologist said: “I was looking at how to facilitate early bonding between new mums and their babies using advances in technology.

“The first time the system was used, the joy of seeing mum’s reaction was remarkable.

“The use of live video is so much better than a photo.”

There are two pairs of carts on both sites and when mum is unable to visit her baby, a cart is taken to her bedside where she can ‘face time’ her baby and also receive important updates on her baby’s progress.

New mums and dads are delighted with the technology and have said: “The iPad is brilliant for a mother who can’t see their baby straight away” and “It completely relaxed my wife who was feeling extremely anxious about not being able to see our daughter straight after the procedure.  It is an absolutely brilliant use of current technology.”

Health Secretary, Vaughan Gething said: “It was great to see the iPad carts in use today. Using interactive and innovative technology in this way, can really benefit parents.

“It can be difficult for mothers especially,  to be separated from their newborn baby after birth; for example if they are unable to visit their baby after surgery. The iPad carts should help more mothers to bond with their baby in the early days and enable both parents to see their baby together.”

Innovative technology helps new mums bond with their babies
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