Individuals have a legal right to access personal data held on them from any organisation, this is known as a Subject Access Request.

For further information on your rights as a data subject you can visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

Applying for Access to Health Records

If you wish to access your own health record, a record on behalf of someone else or a person who is deceased, you will need to contact the Medical Records Department. The email address for this department is [email protected]

If you need to contact the Medical Records Department by telephone you can call 01443 443233.

You will be asked to provide specific details on what records you want to access and the Medical Records Department will send you the relevant application form, if required. You will also need to provide proof of identity and address documents for yourself. If you are applying for access to records on behalf of someone else, then you will also need to provide proof that you are entitled to request access to that information.

Full details on what identification documents are required will be supplied by the Medical Records Department when you submit your request.

Applying for Access to Records other than Health

If you require access to information not contained within your Hospital records, you will need to contact the following services:

  • If you require personal information, not contained within a health record, such as personnel files, then please contact  [email protected]
  • If you require GP Health Records, you will need to contact your GP Surgery direct for a copy of your health records.

Applying for Access to Records for Investigative Purposes

There is a separate process for organisations to apply for access to personal records. This process does not apply to patients or individuals. This procedure only applies to information required to be disclosed by law or in connection with legal proceedings. Please use the ‘Request for Disclosure of Personal Data Form’ English | Welsh and return to the relevant department named on the form