A new standard for all diabetes services in Wales will help young people as they leave paediatric services and start to receive care in the adult diabetes service.

The initiative promotes best practice from around Wales to ensure all young people receive a tailored ‘transition’ of care.

Staff from Cwm Taf University Health Board played an important part in the creation of the All-Wales Standard for People with Diabetes Moving from Paediatric to Adult Services in NHS Wales.

The young adults clinic at Prince Charles Hospital has been included in the standard as an exemplar service for other health boards to learn from, after it was recently reorganised by the paediatric and adult diabetes teams.

Dr Julia Platts, Clinical Lead for Diabetes in Wales, said: “This standard is the product of research into good practice in Wales – learning from specialist clinicians, across all disciplines, in both paediatric and adult services.”

The creation of the new standard has been led by Sara Crowley, the NHS Wales Diabetes Transitional Care Co-ordinator.

“The move to adult services can come at a time where managing diabetes in young adult life can be difficult in itself so it is an incredibly important time to get diabetes care right,” Sara said.

“Improved care at this time will set the foundations for the whole of a person’s adult life.

“This means people with diabetes will be able to successfully manage their diabetes, meaning they can lead longer, more fulfilled lives.

“This standard has been produced with insights and ideas from young adults with diabetes and families across Wales.

“Their contribution has been hugely valuable and I would like to thank them for being involved in this process.”

Becky Hall, pictured, is one of the people with diabetes who has contributed to the creation of the standard.

She explained why she felt the new standard is so important. “There are so many things included in the standard which would have drastically improved my experience.

“Having clinics with both paediatric and young adult teams is such a good idea. It should remove a whole load of anxiety about going to clinic.

“Having modules which give you information about wider life issues like driving and alcohol would also have been so useful.

“I’m incredibly encouraged by the standard and hope that children and young people in Wales will develop a much better relationship with their diabetes than I had for a long time.

“My experiences moving to adult services made me resent my diabetes so much but this standard has the potential to support young people so they feel more empowered and motivated to manage their diabetes.”

All Wales Standard
All Wales Standard

The All-Wales Standard for People with Diabetes Moving from Paediatric to Adult Services in NHS Wales has been published online at https://www.cypdiabetesnetwork.nhs.uk/regional-pages/wales/news/nhs-wales-transition-standard/

A video outlining the importance of improving the move from paediatric to adult services has also been produced at: https://youtu.be/IWDPnA_K1kU

Health Board staff lead development of new diabetes standard for NHS Wales